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The IDEN Team

Who is actually behind the IDEN project and what are the areas of responsiblities? Read more about the team here.

Dr. Michael Krüger

Ludwigsburg University of Education
Head of the IDEN project and coordinator of the international education management program INEMA. My tasks are to initiate and coordinate all parts of the project - i.e. the development of digital teaching materials for transnational learning scenarios, the further development of a digitally supported student journey including the exchange of performance data between universities as well as the development of training offers.
I particularly enjoy professionalizing teaching in blended learning/flipped classroom formats and exploring the underlying concepts.

Tao Zhang

Ludwigsburg University of Education
My main task is the production of animated learning videos.
I think the most interesting point about IDEN is the development of diverse teaching content.

Lydia Kolano

Ludwigsburg University of Education
I am one of the three Instructional Designers in the IDEN project. The main focus of my work is on the design of instructional modules and learning nuggets, especially incorporating H5P and other activity types.
For me, the potential of the project is mainly to provide learners with a successful and enriching online learning experience. Among other things, this is made possible by designing valuable and ideally used learning elements.

Jana Protz

Ludwigsburg University of Education
As an instructional designer with a focus on graphics I am mainly responsible for the production of learning videos and the design of learning materials in the Iden project.
What I find particularly exciting about the IDEN project is developing modern learning content with a lot of creativity and fun.