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The IDEN Team

Who is actually behind the IDEN project and what are the areas of responsiblities? Read more about the team here.

Dr. Michael Krüger

Ludwigsburg University of Education

Head of the IDEN project and coordinator of the international education management program INEMA. My tasks are to initiate and coordinate all parts of the project - i.e. the development of digital teaching materials for transnational learning scenarios, the further development of a digitally supported student journey including the exchange of performance data between universities as well as the development of training offers.
I particularly enjoy professionalizing teaching in blended learning/flipped classroom formats and exploring the underlying concepts.

Emily Reeve

Ludwigsburg University of Education

My responsibility is to bring the IDEN learning videos to life. This includes the production development, videography, animation, editing, and sound design for each e-learning video.
As an IDEN-team member, I am eager to further develop my own video animation skills, as well as contribute to the outcomes of the IDEN project. Additionally, as an Australian living in Germany, I am especially excited to be a part of an initiative that is international and diverse.

Egidija Guenduez

Ludwigsburg University of Education

I work with relevant literature and summarize crucial texts so that the other team members could produce learning materials for you. There are two things I especially enjoy about my job: I get to learn a lot and also the fact that the content I produce is turned into a digital piece of art.

Matthias Holthaus

Ludwigsburg University of Education

As an instructional designer, my focus in the IDEN project is to systematically embed digital learning content into Moodle so that it is easy for learners to keep a clear overview of their learning process and, for example, it is always clear for the learners why they (should) work on the given learning contents.
In my research I focus on the question how different learning strategies can be respected in one e-learning setting and if different strategies have social factors.