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INEMA-Testimonial Guenther Schrom

Guenther Schrom can already look back on a successful career as a human resources advisor for governmental and private institutions. But after a while he felt the need to reflect on his work and broaden his horizons. He found this environment on the INEMA master’s program.

What I look for is the opportunity to improve. For more than 30 years now I have been working for clients in Eastern Europe, Asia or in the Arab world. That means my workplace changes every one to three years. Right now I am responsible for training, quality assurance and strategy development at the National Statistic Office in Oman. But in contrast to the beginning of my career, when I worked in teams most of the time, my assignments in the last few years have become more and more a one-man-show. I realized that I lacked the regular reflection. Am I still up-to-date? What are the opinions of other experts in this field?

This is why I was looking for a possibility to get to know other perspectives and opinions, to reflect upon my level of knowledge and I was very happy when I found the INEMA programme. Studying here does not only allow me to receive an international master’s degree that will help me to acquire new projects, it also provides me the chance to contact people from many different backgrounds and listen to different views on the topics I work on myself.

Everyone here already has a professional background and working experience. And the methodological concept of the INEMA programme, which is based on the constant exchange between students and professors, allows us to share experiences. There is a high level of mutual respect, no arrogance at all. People really do listen to each other.

Thematically I especially benefit from seminars on leadership and quality management. I can transfer a lot what I learn there to my job situation. For example I now integrate the trust-based leadership concept I learned about in INEMA courses in my own training sessions at work. And based on what I have learned about quality management I reviewed my processes at work.

What I valued the most is that what you learn here will give you an idea of new inspiring methods and perspectives that will inevitably improve your work. It’s really worth investing the time and energy. Especially if you actively participate, for example, by presenting your project case, you will benefit a lot from INEMA. That’s why I can only encourage other professionals to try out this programme even if you are already very experienced.