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INEMA-Testimonial Talita Corrêa

I'm a Brazilian journalist specialized in Human Rights, and I joined INEMA in 2018 because I wanted to use education as a tool for social transformation. My life has changed 100% since graduating and I couldn't be more grateful. I had the best professors and classmates you could ask for, and together we built a strong community. This is one of the most magical things about INEMA.

After completing my INEMA Masters, I created a small project to help Latin American students with their applications and motivation letters in international selection processes. This project has assisted 16 students, of which 7 were approved or entered the universities' waiting list.

In 2019 I applied for a highly competitive internship at the United Nations in New York and joined the Department of Academic Impact (UNAI) to promote higher education opportunities. A few months later, I graduated from the INEMA programme and received an offer to work at the UN as an expert consultant.

This academic experience opened incredible doors in my life. After being admitted to INEMA, I was also approved for six other scholarships. Since 2018, I have visited 15 new countries, participated in at least ten conferences and training around the world - and none of this would be possible without INEMA.